8/15 Exercise & BG
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Exercise Makes A Difference With My Blood Glucose Levels


Tuesday, August 15, 2006


My back is still hurting a little bit, but I am feeling much better.  This is the third day in a row without any real exercise and I was not surprised when I saw the 110 on the glucose monitor this evening 2 hours after dinner.  I just wanted to give my back a rest for a few days so that I would be good and ready to begin a continuous six-day a week exercise program.  At one time in my life, I used to exercise and pump weights like crazy, but this is a different time in my life and I am going to still exercise, just a little differently (at least at first).  I will combine both aerobic and non-aerobic exercises.  Also keep in mind, I know my body and this is a program that will work well for me, it might not be the best thing for you.  Talk to your doctor or personal trainer before beginning any exercise program you are not familiar with.  If you have a different routine, let me know by emailing me at info@ihavediabetes.net.


Why am I exercising?

There are two basic reasons (1) exercise burns calories that will help me lose weight, and (2) exercise will also help keep my blood sugar levels down.  From what I have been reading, your body reacts to exercise in such a way that it will decrease the amount of sugars in your blood by using it instead of storing it. [You can read more about the specifics on the ADA website and FamilyDoctor.org has some good tips on exercising as well.]


The Diabetes Exercise Program


Monday Work Out/ Body strengthening (see below)

Tuesday Bicycle ride or walk 30 minutes

Wednesday Body strengthening (see below)

Thursday Bicycle ride or walk 30 minutes

Friday Body strengthening (see below)

Saturday/Sunday Bicycle ride or walk 30 - 60 minutes


Work Out Program Stage 1

Note: I will be using very light weights to begin, and even do exercises that do not require weights when possible. [ I am also held to light weights for now, because my wife had me give away most of my weights when we moved a few years ago.  She was right at the time I was not using them and they just took up too much space.]  I will hold off on abdominal (stomach) exercises until I am sure my back is okay and start out gradually at first the same holds true for back exercises, such as rows.  Since I will be on my bike a few times a week, I will also not add leg exercises for the first few weeks, or until I decide to join a gym where I can use the press machines (I do not trust my back with free weight squatting right now).



Push Ups (chest)

Military Presses (shoulders)

Dumbel Bicep Curls (bicep)

Tricep Extentions (triceps)

sit-ups & leg extensions (abs) [when back is feeling better]


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